The layout depicts evening time and the first fall of snow of late autumn has arrived. People are beginning to finish their daily business before going home. Children are enjoying the snowball fight. Wolves and Moose are roaming around. The train spotter is taking photos on the platform. The warehouse has lights that switch on/off as the cleaners go about their business. The locomotive that is being cut up used to run!

The layout is DCC, with locomotives, points and signals operated by the DCC throttle. Track is Kato uni track. The buildings are a mixture of kits, pre built and scratch built.

The layout is operated from the front so that we can chat to the exhibition visitors.


By Ian Donkin

WHISPERING HOLLOW is an imaginary place somewhere along the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad in the state of Colorado, USA, in the 1950/60's.

The area is a rather run down place that has seen better days with the railroad. Steam facilities are disappearing and the turntable and most of the shed have been knocked down. In their place is diesel re fuelling facilities.