The Peco streamline track, a double slip and a three-way turnout were purchased from club members at very reasonable cost. Only one turnout had to be bought at full cost - sadly!

The track combines well with the Marcway double slip and three-way point and point motors (salvaged and new) are a mixture of Seep, Peco and Fulgurex, all with accessory switching capability to change frog polarity and give slow, reliable running. Most of the time! The depth of one baseboard has been extended to accommodate the large station building that has a working clock that tells the correct time! Providing someone has remembered to change the battery occasionally and adjust it according to the season.

The layout is intended to depict a busy single-line terminus serving a large country town with a thriving industrial presence. The fictional story is that the town is “somewhere in England” and the railway was built to support the town’s thriving industry, which includes metal work and chain making, and also provide convenient travel for the public that even today shows healthy returns at the ticket office. Not only that, there is also a creamery on site to bolster the local economy.

The setting is roughly in the eastern part of the country with connections to the midlands, hence the reason why you may see stock from the LNER and LMS regions and, dare we say, the occasional GWR infiltrator!

From time to time visitors may see a leap into the future with the arrival of diesel motive power. In fact, anything goes and hopefully it will.

Paynter’s Green does not pretend to be 100% prototypically accurate and a few sharp-eyed enthusiasts may “sniff indignantly” at some anomalies. It was built by a small group of “oldies” who just wanted to play trains and enjoy the railway scene: we hope visitors will too.


By the late Mike Taylor RIP

Paynter’s Green could just as well have been named “Secondhand Rose.” All the track, turnouts and much of the building materials have been recycled and two of the baseboards (4ft x 2ft) were recovered from a club member’s layout that had been “retired” and put in store.

Two new additional baseboards where constructed from 9mm and 6mm ply and all four boards are held together with suitcase latches and track alignment is assured with the use of steel pattern maker’s dowels. The total length of the layout is 17ft 6in, and this includes a 5ft 6in fiddleyard.

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